Yes... I have had two of these batterys go bad in less than a year. One in my 70 & one in my 67. They were both less than 6 months old when they went too. I live pretty close to Restoration Battery and he took care of it right away. He even gave me a loaner battery to use because the R79W side post was on back order for my 70. I had the loaner about two months before my replacement came in. IMO the batterys are not that great but his customer service with me has been spectacular... I would suggest if you haven't already, buy a battery maintainer and leave it on the battery at all times when the car is not in use. Good luck.
Many people believe in fully discharging their batteries, or have a ritual of unplugging their devices immediately when they reach 100% charge. Studies have show that this does not in fact have any benefit to the life of the battery itself, as most devices are built with smart charging circuits which cut the flow of electricity when our batteries become fully charge.
Of course, the EZ Battery Reconditioning course also has its downsides, and we must say that it seems that there is some “marketing hype” around it. For example, while EZ Battery Recondition claims that it can take you as little as 10 minutes to recondition one battery, from our research it seems that most people reported that it took them around an hour to recondition their batteries.
One thing to remember: all batteries contain modules, and although the quantity may vary, the core principle stays intact. The factories simply replace modules and sell them as brand new! And that’s where you play your part. It takes around 700$ to fi x damaged module, and your battery’s life is extended for another 6-7 years. You should also note that a reconditioned battery has output 70% of the brand new battery output, which is more than enough.

Recalibration: if the laptop battery is not lasting as long as it should, then it is perhaps time to recalibrate it. How do you know when you need it? If the laptop battery fails to charge up to 100 %, or if OS indicates 40 minutes of power remaining, but laptop is dead before you know 38 minutes, it’s time to recalibrate it. Following are step to step manual to recalibrate it.
By reconditioning old batteries you will not only save good amount of money but also save Earth from pollution at greater extend. Every year there are thousands of old and dead batteries that thrown away. Since these batteries can’t be decomposed, they put great burden on environment. Thankfully, by using reconditioning methods you can use old batteries again and save environment as well.
Often it is the old car batteries with highest demand for reconditioning, however, you also have house batteries for nearly free from scrap factories which can work for reconditioning as well. If you want to reduce energy for long time, you should learn how to recondition a battery! In addition, you might do good volunteering or side job of reconditioning batteries.
If all else fails, and your battery is on the ropes, you can try to recondition your batteries at home following step by step the battery reconditioning process. Reconditioning your devices battery is a lot easier than you might think. With older, lead acid batteries (the kind you find in your car) the process of reconditioning your batteries at home is long and gruelling work. With the introduction of lithium ion (or any variation thereof) batteries, the process of reconditioning is as easy as recalibrating your battery! Simply follow the steps in tip 3 or 4 (depending on your device) and your device should automatically begin reconditioning your battery to work optimally in the condition it is in. The slight adjustment of recalibrating will over time recondition your battery, and offer you the best performance you can get out of your battery in its current condition.

Delete useless programs and apps: We all know some programs and apps kill battery lot faster than others. For example, Photoshop and video games destroy batteries than programs like Notepad and Safari etc. Often there are some programs that run in background which are not even that useful but still kills the battery. Please delete or uninstall those programs. Or you can also check activity monitor to see which app or program is using maximum battery and discard it if unnecessary.
If you’re really serious to have a great profitable skill of how to recondition old batteries (almost any kinds of them), then it means you need a really great guide to master it. Getting to the most important principles of battery reconditioning skill will help you doing it the right way. I recommend you check out this great guide called: EZ Battery Reconditioning. They provide a lot of great resources out there that will help you.
With an increased demand and supply for batteries in professional and personal front, reconditioning battery is one skill that would never go waste. Why not learn it when it serves our purpose to earn extra bucks and make our planet habitable. In case you are worried about your safety, be at ease. If the technique is properly learnt, it is quite safe.

Reconditioning batteries that were probably dead and forgotten, if not thrown away yet, not only saves you money, but can be a lucrative business too. You can revive the batteries and sell them for a huge profit. The methods detailed in the EZ battery reconditioning guide teach you how you can easily revive used batteries from your car, laptop, cell phone, golf cart, solar panels and many more devices used at home or workplace.
The first step towards reconditioning a battery is cleaning the contacts, or terminals, on the battery. These positive and negative terminals over the years will build up residue that needs to be cleaned with steel wool or other abrasive brushes in order to maintain a good contact point. Without good contact voltage can be lacking or inconsistent with the result being decreased power in starting or running your car.
4) No Investment needed – The process of learning how to repair old battery is available to anyone who wants to learn how to do it. There is also no need for huge machinery and a lot of investment. It can be started as a hobby, and the knowledge can be applied on simple occasions to start off. The skill is developed with each project that you take one, and the work can be carried out using inexpensive tools and equipment.
With an increased demand and supply for batteries in professional and personal front, reconditioning battery is one skill that would never go waste. Why not learn it when it serves our purpose to earn extra bucks and make our planet habitable. In case you are worried about your safety, be at ease. If the technique is properly learnt, it is quite safe.
At the cost of $47 you get access to the eBook which provides step-by-step guides about reconditioning different types of batteries: car batteries, batteries for phones, laptop batteries, batteries for solar panels and forklifts, golf car batteries, AAA batteries, Alkaline batteries, wind system batteries, alternative energy batteries, long life batteries, marine batteries, rechargeable batteries and lead acid batteries among many others.
Of course, this program supports the people who don’t know the technical skills and about the battery. Easy to learn to use this program and the type of battery you can fix it. 19,541 people have already been using the EZ Battery Reconditioning. Now you can save your money and never buy a new battery forever. Don’t miss this opportunity, grab it earlier.
Although it could be time-consuming, this process is ultra-effective. Desulfation process is not as complex as it sounds. First, the lead sulfate buildup must be removed. To clean it off efficiently, magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt is needed. You generally just need this Epsom salt, a regular lead-acid battery charger, and distilled water. Before you begin, use protective gloves and eyewear for safety purposes.
According to Tom Ericson, an expired battery is inconvenient and while knowing how to extend an impaired battery may not solve the inconvenience, it can most certainly rule out the cost of buying a brand new one. Taking the struggle to learn EZ Battery Reconditioning methods will not only save people money spent on new advanced batteries but also help save the environment from the perilous waste that old batteries contribute to.